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Injector 2.0


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Injector 2.0


‘The Injector’ - Have you got yours?

If you have a Raymarine, Vexilar or similar Wi-Fi sonar and do not have "The Injector" then you are simply missing out! Ditch your marker rods and distance sticks - Upgrade Your Boat NOW!

What is The Injector? Simply put, it is a GNSS positioning device for your Bait Boat It is the original Injector And has been tested extensively by customers and consultants across Europe for over 2 years

What does it do?

1. Allows you to create bathymetric maps in Navionics (boatinghd)

2. Fully integrated with the baitboat app If you do not want Autopilot, but still want to be able to mark your spots and return to them, the baitboat app is for you! When you want to map your lake then use Navionics which is the most popular yachting app out there Or run both at the same time - they work together! UK Bespoke Baitboats and Baitboat Technology are proud to be in partnership, our aim is to bring great and simple to use technology to everyone’s fingertips Only "The Injector" is officially partnered with Navionics and only "The Injector" is supported by the Baitboat App