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The Enticer PD-33 Bait Boat

Enticer PD-33


The Enticer PD-33 Bait Boat offers all the same great features as the PD-34, but in a smaller version. Perfect for UK waters and those who prefer a top quality boat, but in a smaller package.

As standard the PD-33 Bespoke Bait Boat comes with:


  • Supplied with FS-i6x Transmitter as standard.
  • Powerful LED front Spotting Lights (2 x high power 50w LEDs)
  • Switchable on/off Spotting lights from remote transmitter
  • 2 x Drive and Steer 28mm full ball raced reinforced jet drives (completely serviceable)
  • Perfect straight line navigation; even at 100% power
  • 80 metres time test (40m - turn - 40m return) is 1 minute at 65% power
  • Arguably one of the fastest bait boats ever built.
  • High Performance 700 full ball raced industrial motors
  • 5mm ABS carbon fibre inlay hull
  • Custom High Quality wiring loom with 14awg silicon wire
  • Protected relay for electronic component protection
  • Latest advanced micro-controlled bus system technology for flawless electronic control
  • Digital high torque metal gear fully waterproof twin servos
  • Fully remote controlled incremental open and close hopper system
  • Hopper left and right independent remote control
  • Handmade Marine grade fabricated stainless steel, spot welded celling system on hopper spindles
  • 2.0 litres per hopper hatch. -Total Hopper 2-3kg hold
  • 2 x 10,000 amp lithium polymere batteries with balance lead.
  • XT90 battery connector for 100% fit reliability
  • Easy self changable batteries for lake side switch over
  • Intelligent battery voltage monitors that signal the user when boat battery needs charging.
  • Foldable polished Stainless Steel carry handle
  • Boat voltage indicator
  • Radio Link AT 10 Transmitter UPGRADE AVAILABLE.
  • Fail safe system stops boat if all voltage/battery warnings are ignored
  • High end LiPo/LiFe 2-4s balance charger with cell equalizer

The PD-33 BAIT-BOAT can be upgraded with any or all of the following:

  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video System with 3 way Video System Switching
  • 2 Way Video System for winch integration
  • New Hopper Cover
  • Winch Cameras
  • Fisf Finders
  • Auto Pilot
  • Hand Air Brushing.



Comparing the PD-34 & PD-33



Large Boat


Medium Boat
Size  795mm(L) x 500mm (W)
x 270mm (D)
  650mm(L) x 400mm (W)
x 250mm (D)
Hopper Capacity 5kg 2-3kg
Upgrading Available ✔️ ✔️
FPU Cameras ✔️ ✔️
Winch Camera ✔️ ✔️
Sonar ✔️ ✔️
Injector ✔️ ✔️
Autopilot System ✔️ ✔️
Battery Life    
Bag Included ✔️ ✔️
Weight with Batteries    
Standard Price £1,830.00 £1,575.00


  • Length 650mm
  • Width 400mm
  • Depth 250mm
  • 2-3KG Hopper Load

Available Accessories

FPU Camera System


+ £870
HOPPER (Not available inconjunction with Winch Cam Systems