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The Enticer PD-34 Bait Boat


Enticer PD-34


The Enticer PD-34 Bait Boat is perfect for those looking to venture into their first high quality Hand Built Bait Boat. All our services are provided direct in-house.

Naturally, when your order through us, not only can you expect to recieve excellent customer service! we can discuss in full the many options available to you based on your personal requirements.  We can offer you a range of fish-finders, autopilot systems, 2 way cameras along with drop cameras, addtionally you can truly customise your purchase through our 'hand air brushing' service, that ensures your bait boat stands out from the crowd!

Prices start at £1,830 with build time around eight to ten weeks.


As standard the PD-34 Standard Bespoke Bait Boat comes with:


  • New 12 Channel Remote Control (transmitter) - Radio Link AT 10 with custimisable firmware
  • Powerful LED front Spotting Lights (2 x high power 50w LEDs)
  • Switchable on/off Spotting lights from remote transmitter
  • 2 x Drive and Steer 28mm full ball raced reinforced jet drives (completely serviceable)
  • Perfect straight line navigation; even at 100% power
  • 80 metres time test (40m - turn - 40m return) is 1 minute at 65% power
  • Arguably one of the fastest bait boats ever built.
  • High Performance 700 full ball raced industrial motors
  • 5mm ABS carbon fibre inlay hull
  • Custom High Quality wiring loom with 14awg silicon wire
  • Protected relay for electronic component protection
  • Latest advanced micro-controlled bus system technology for flawless electronic control
  • Digital high torque metal gear fully waterproof twin servos
  • Fully remote controlled incremental open and close hopper system
  • Hopper left and right independent remote control
  • Handmade Marine grade fabricated stainless steel, spot welded celling system on hopper spindles
  • 2.5 litres per hopper hatch. -Total Hopper 5kg hold
  • 2 x 10,000 amp lithium polymere batteries with balance lead.
  • XT90 battery connector for 100% fit reliability
  • Easy self changable batteries for lake side switch over
  • Intelligent battery voltage monitors that signal the user when boat battery needs charging.
  • Foldable polished Stainless Steel carry handle
  • Boat voltage indicator
  • Radio Link AT 10 Transmitter
  • Fail safe system stops boat if all voltage/battery warnings are ignored
  • Independent Line Drop
  • 18 MONTH Warranty * Effective 01/02/2023
  • High end LiPo/LiFe 2-4s balance charger with cell equalizer

The PD-34 BAIT-BOAT can be upgraded with any or all of the following:

  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video System with 3 way Video System Switching
  • 2 Way Video System for winch integration
  • New Hopper Cover
  • Winch Cameras
  • Fisf Finders
  • UKBBB Auto Pilot


  • Length 795mm
  • Width 500mm
  • Depth 270mm
  • 5 Kilo Hopper Load



FPU Camera System


+ £850