This page will take you through the love and passion that goes in to our Bespoke Bait Boats.

If there is anything you would like more information on, please feel free to get in intouch on +44 (0) 1795 477222  or drop us a message via our form on the contact page.

Stage 1 - The Foundations
Starting with our carbon fibre inlay hull, we install the main components such as the ESCs, Motors and necessary cabling.

Every part used is high quality and connected together in such a way to ensure not only self-preservation of the PD-34 Bait Boat, but also longevity of life.
Stage 2 - The Hardware
This is where major components such as our handmade (in our own workshop), Marine grade fabricated stainless steel, spot welded with celling system on hopper spindles are fitted along with two of the new standard, extremely high quality and long lasting Graphene 14.8v batteries.

Each battery gives 10,000mAh. So at all times the PD-34 Bait Boat batteries at capable of producing a combined 20,000mAh; Thus giving much greater duration and performance. The batteries are easy interchangeable on the lake bank so you can carry spares and never worry about how much charge is left.
Stage 3 - Quality Assurance
The top of the boat is fitted and all external operation buttons and indicators fitted. The Bait Boat is then tested in our workshop based leak tank before being taken to a series of local lakes to ensure that the hand built quality is 100%.
Stage 4 - Upgrades
We can, and are often asked for camera upgrades to the PD-34 Bait Boat. Due to the well thought out design and build process, these camera upgrades can be added during the build, a week later or even years after the purchase of your Bait Boat.

With a variety of camera options for front, rear and down facing, combined with multiple combinations of monitor and antennas, you can continue to extend and expand the Bait Boats capabilities and components for years to come.
Stage 5 - The After Service
No matter if you purchase our bait boat (with its standard 3-year warranty) or someone else’s, we also offer full repairs and servicing of all makes and models of bait boats from our custom built premises in Kent, United Kingdom.

We can supply boat parts, batteries and even full rebuilds should the need arise. So no matter the fault or need for your Bait Boat, our expect tech's, engineers and developers can always provide the after care and service you deserve.